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About us

Access Braille is a non-profit organization based in Silicon Valley, California. We bridge the gap between literacy needs and the availability of accessible reading material for the visually impaired in developing countries.


At this time, Access Braille is entirely volunteer-run, with professionals, students and advisors in the field of visual impairment pitching in to ensure the delivery of educational and recreational reading materials to those in need of them.

We began by providing access to educational and recreational materials, such as Braille kits, e-text and audio books, and 3D objects, for blind, visually impaired, and print-disabled people in developing countries such as India and Nepal.


Through our volunteers and on-ground partners, Braille kits are sent to needy students, high school and university textbooks are scanned and converted to e-text format, audio books are created as an alternative to the visual medium, and 3D objects are made to enrich the learning experience for visually impaired students in math and science.


Currently, we support like-minded organizations in empowering visually impaired individuals, both young and old, to be independent in all aspects of life. All this is done entirely from funds raised by Access Braille’s team through its network of friends and donors.

Our Team

Vijayshree Dilip_edited_edited.jpg

Vijayashree (Viji) Dilip



Sudha Rajagopalan



Padma Eyyunni



Swati Iyengar


Vijayashree (Viji) Dilip

With a deep passion for bringing education and information to the print-disabled community, Viji launched the U.S. chapter of Vidyavrikshah in 2007.


Now called Access Braille, she is the driving force behind the organization’s vision to ensure equal access to education and reading material for every adult and child with visual impairment.


Viji has over thirty years of experience in the financial field, working at the Art of Living foundation, Benetech, Skoll Foundation, Hewlett Packard and Price Waterhouse in India. She is CPA and has an MBA from San Jose State University.

Sudha Rajagopalan

Sudha was a software professional for over 2 decades. In 2008, she became visually impaired.


Today, she is a role model to many people, both sighted and visually impaired, with her sense of purpose, expansive network and positive outlook. In her own words,


“I'm greatly impressed and inspired by the confidence and enthusiasm with which visually impaired children and adults lead their lives. I'm determined to make a difference not only in my life but in other visually impaired people's lives as well. I'm extremely grateful to Access Braille for showing me the path to make such a difference.”

Padma Eyyunni

Padma is a Chartered Accountant and has been working in the Accounting/Finance field for over 18 years. 


An accountant by profession and a teacher at heart, she enjoys sharing her knowledge with the people around her.


Padma has a deep understanding of the challenges of the visually impaired and loves extending her support to this wonderful cause.

Swati Iyengar

Swati has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and has been a software engineer at Oracle Corporation for the past 13 years.


She has a passion for music and is currently learning Hindustani music under the guidance of Shri. Mahesh Kale.


She aims to help the world in whatever way possible, and enjoys bringing her musical and project management skills, in addition to her enthusiasm, to Access Braille projects.


Swati is responsible for all Access Braille digitization projects and has been instrumental in adding several books to accessible libraries.

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