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Virtual braille reading lesson
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Sarah working hard on her braille writing test at braille challenge

So why is Braille literacy needed for visually impaired students, when there are so many advanced technologies are available? Well, most of these technologies force many to still depend on others for help. Imagine every sighted student getting only auditory reading skills and not learning how to write having to depend on a scribe. Without Braille literacy, many of those who are visually impaired would have to experience something similar. 


Literacy should be the birthright of every child. And, with your help, we can increase access to this basic right. 


Unfortunately, many visually impaired students aren’t able to gain access to basic Braille literacy due to funding issues. Want to help? Join hands with the Vista  Center, CA in an effort to bridge this gap. 


You’re an integral part in the effort to implement a solution!

Here are three ways you can help!


  1. Sponsor a  student for one month of braille education for  $350.

  2. Provide $250 towards a scholarship where a student can attend national finals of Braille Challenge (These students test their braille skills every year and compete at national levels similar to a spelling bee).

  3. Contribute as much as you can towards Braille literacy (No amount is too big or small)

Our EIN: 26-0736694

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Check: Access Braille

11596 Cedar Spring Ct

Cupertino, CA 95014


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We are counting on your support!

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